Ready for the Next Step?

The Engagement Project’s ten 50-minute video tours will take us on a marvelous quest of seeking the face of God and, as best as He will allow, to gaze upon the Crown Jewel in His nature—a quest we hope and pray will deeply transform each of us, and by His grace, the Body of Christ. And this, we believe, will change everything.

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We will be starting up again on Wednesdays at 6:30pm (2620 Sierra Vista Way) to watch and discuss THE ENGAGEMENT PROJECT with Del Tackett. This is the next step after THE TRUTH PROJECT that we went through in Fall of 2020.  Normally we will meet at 6:30pm, however ON THE FIRST NIGHT we will have a POTLUCK to kick it off.  So, on JANUARY 13 we will be meeting at 5:30pm.  Please check in with Chris regarding what you can bring.

The Engagement Encounter
Wednesdays at 6:30pm
at the Plum Home
January 13 – March 3

This Changes Everything

In the Engagement Project, Dr. Tackett answers two important questions, Why did Jesus leave? and Why does God send? The answers to these questions may turn your world right-side up.

Change in Your Life

In this new series, Dr. Del Tackett takes us on a series of worldview tours that reveal God’s endgame for all of us… what He is after.

Change in Your Family

In the Engagement Project, you’ll discover God’s world-changing mission for yourself and for your family.

Change in Your Community

Jesus has told us exactly what He wants us to do. In the Engagement Project, you’ll learn why & how this will change everything.

Ready for the Next Step?

The long-awaited Engagement Project is Dr. Del Tackett’s next set of small-group worldview tours. All of his previous teachings (the Truth Project, Cross Examine, Is Genesis History, etc.) were developed with the goal to help believers build a comprehensive, systematic biblical worldview.

And now, with that foundation, we are ready to take the next big step: to know Him more deeply and then to understand who we truly are, why we are still here, and what God has asked us to do.

Description of the Engagement Project Tours

The Engagement Project’s ten tours will again take us on a marvelous quest of seeking the face of God and, as best as He will allow, to gaze upon the Crown Jewel in His nature—a quest we hope and pray will deeply transform the Body of Christ.

This will lead us to understand where we are in God’s Meta-Narrative and the incredible vision that He has entrusted the primary work of the Kingdom to the common, everyday Christian.

The Transformation

And, if God should so bless and the Body of Christ would simply begin to do what He has asked us to do, we are convinced it will change everything. It will change each of our lives; radically transform our families; and, by God’s grace, turn the world around us right side up.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Truth Encounter Ministries

Tour 0 – In a Land of Nought: A Remnant of Hope
Tour 1 – Creation: The Endgame
Tour 2 – Fall: The River of Death
Tour 3 – Redemption: The Heart of God
Tour 4 – Engagement: The Royal Task
Tour 5 – The Vision: Engaging With Grace
Tour 6 – The Vision: Engaging With Wisdom
Tour 7 – The Vision: Engaging With Truth
Tour 8 – The Engagement: The Royal Sacrifice
Tour 9 – The Engagement: The Band of Brothers