A New Normal #14 – Normalcy
April 9, 2020

There is certainly something in the heart of man that seeks and craves “normalcy.” Even if it is “leaks and onions” back in the land of slavery, we are comfortable with normal, even if it reaches the extent of routines. I like my coffee in the morning. I like my digital gadgets. I like the things to which I have become accustomed; I like the certainty of things working the same way as they did in my world the day before. Not that those normalcies are always good, but, I am comfortable with known patterns.

However, if there is one thing time has shown us, things are gonna change, and as they do, our normal shifts. And yet, we are an adaptable species… we evaluate the terrain and navigate accordingly… well, for the most part. Lots of things have changed the previous normal to a better normal. Medicine. Pasteurization. Security. The automobile (and planes). And the “Digital Age.” We seem to embrace those “beneficial” kinds of change with more zeal than those thrust upon us out of adversity.  And still, sometimes we long for the old days, we long for those previous days of normalcy. This present menace more than once has caused many to say, “I can’t wait until this is over, and we can get back to normal.”

Likely, we are not going to “revert to the mean” on this one; CoVid-19 has cut pretty deep into the flesh of our day today. What that means is that we are not going to get our normal back, since the virus has cut a valley so deep into our normal; we can’t stitch this one back together. Things will be different moving forward. Proxemics (how much space people feel they need between themselves and others) will be redefined; how close, and how comfortable we will be sitting next to people on a plane or in a movie theater? Our shopping habits will be altered (not that they haven’t been changing because of technology). Our social gatherings will be a little cautious coming out of this era. Worship services will look different.

We need to realize, things are going to change, sometimes slowly, sometimes at lightspeed; right now, they are changing rapidly, and we can see them do so in real-time.

The Israelites wanted nothing to do with leaving normal. Not even if a land flowing with milk and honey was the promise. We are indeed a skeptical lot too, but, sometimes, the next normal can be a good thing.

For Adam a new normal waited beyond the Easter Gate;
For Noah, a wave of a new normal crashed upon him after the flood;
For Job, a new normal awaited him after his adversity;
For the people of Israel, a new normal was waiting outside of Egypt, through the Red Sea, and in the desert;
And, a new normal awaited them beyond the Jordan, in a land flowing with milk and honey;
A new normal would welcome them in both exiles.

And God was with His people every step of the way, and God was still ruling from His throne!

If we truly acknowledge and believe that God is in charge, on the throne of His Creation, then that should be seen in the way we respond to any crisis. I know it is not easy; May God, help us!

Whatever we thought normal was in 2019, that is now in our rearview mirror; the new normal – the next normal, whatever that is, rests before us. And the Lord Is on His throne!

Pastor Kelly   /.\