There are two options for giving though PayPal. These links will take you to the BCCC PayPal page   OR   PayPal Giving Fund page where you can make a donation (see below for the differences). On these pages you can enter your credit card details (all major cards are accepted) and then review your account information before submitting and returning to the BCCC website. The transaction is then complete and Paypal will email your receipt. Please note that it is not necessary to have your own PayPal account to donate. You can click HERE-PayPalPage…  and donate to Bishop Creek Community Church. You can choose to give a one time gift, or set up monthly donations. This is quicker than PayPal Giving Fund, however the church is charged a fee for each donation. You can also click HERE-PayPalGivingFund… (charity 1278117) and donate to Bishop Creek Community Church. You choose the donation amount.  This way has no fees for the church, however, it will take 15-45 days for them to deliver the donation (and  “This doesn’t happen often, but if PayPal Giving Fund cannot fund the charity you recommend, it will reassign the funds to a similar charity and whenever possible will consult with you on the reassignment.”).