A New Normal #6 – Rest
March 20, 2020

Who could have ever imagined that 2020 would begin this way? Election rhetoric was all the news. Stock markets were at a record high, unemployment at record lows. And then a little virus made its way onto the scene bringing the world to its knees. Businesses are closing. Flights and hotels are empty, unemployment is projected to be 20%, and there is no end in sight.

Bizarre. Dynamic. Crazy. Surreal. Panic. Shortages. Lines. Words that are defining current times. Things are changing at light speed. Month to month. Week to week. Hour by hour has become minute by minute. Things are evolving that rapidly. The world seems to be closing down, yet fear and anxiety are in no short supply.

Likely things will be a little different after the chaos has been suspended, should the Lord grant.  Likely the supply chain for manufactured goods and pharmaceuticals would be a little closer to home.  Likely people will be adjusting to a new investment portfolio, others adjusting to a new job. Still, others acclimating to a new world of restrictions like we have never seen before. Some… Some will be dealing with the great loss of a loved one. Hopefully, there will be a new zeal for the opportunity to freely gather in the city square, the park, events, and especially… at Church.

But, right now, we are living in a crazy world of uncertainty. Many are fearful for those infected with the virus, and affected by the virus in some capacity.  Most, I would imagine are feeling a sense of helplessness.

“What can I do?” we may ask.

Lamentations 3:26 says:

It is good that he waits silently

For the salvation of the LORD.”

We Americans hate that word…wait. We don’t like to wait. It is an assault to our freedom. “I am wired to DO!” Unfortunately, our minds think there is always something we can do, but in reality, some things are beyond our ability to change… this may be one of those times. The idea is waiting for God to do what only He can do – the idea of resting in His sovereignty.

There can be no doubt that God is working… burning chaff, maybe some element of judgment – tipping over silly little “gods” in the world. Maybe this “plague” is simply the effect of sin upon a broken world. But He will use this for His purposes. That is how He works.

“But, what can I do?”… You can wait… expectantly. Because any deliverance must be divinely sanctioned. Any salvation, any solution of the global attack, will come in God’s timing.

I think there is a time to do… and there is a time to wait on God to move, to invite Him as sovereign to do that which only He can.

So, what should be our prayer?… Heal us from this affliction?… Restore our prosperity?… Or, that hearts are broken, and people turn to God?

My guess is that God desires to call people to Himself… still. And this world has turned their backs on Him for quite some time. May I suggest that a restored economy and vaccine is not what the world needs most today. The world, America, and hearts in this town need to repent, to return to God, to acknowledge and surrender to His supremacy.

My guess is that if God should deliver us today through some miracle, He would once again be a distant vision in our rear-view mirror in a matter of weeks. That is unless hearts have truly been changed.

Whenever salvation comes, it always comes from the hand of the Lord – salvation to eternal life, and salvation from the evil of the world.

By the looks of it, we are in this for a while. We would do well to seek the Lord and His will. To pray. And to expect God to glorify Himself. Somehow. It’s what He does.

Now is a good time to pursue God. Love one another. And serve the community.

We are the Church, Church!

Pastor Kelly