I’m so looking forward to studying the book of James with you!  I’m glad you’ve decided to do this with us!

The first link explains the five levels Beth Moore is asking you to consider.  Find the level that you feel is best for you!  For those of you with your workbook… this is found starting on page 8.

Here are a couple items I thought you would want.  

First is an overview of the study, including a sample of the workbook…

James ‘Mercy Triumphs’ Overview of Study and Sample of Workbook

Second is the Viewers Guide pages… just like in the workbook…

James ‘Mercy Triumphs’ Viewer Guide

Third is the answers to the Viewers Guide pages… feel free to use them to fill in ahead of time, or to fill in any you missed!

Viewer Guide Answers

Also, many of you have mentioned being out of town on a given week.  Here is a link where you can download the session and watch it.  Many of you have done this for previous studies.



If any of you wants to meet for coffee or a meal (individually or with a group) on any given week, let me know!

Also, if you’d like to coordinate snacks or set up the stuff (we have already) for tea/cocoa, let me know!  🙂  We would love to allow you to use your gifts!  🙂

If you have a prayer request you’d like to share with the group, please send it to me (with the wording you’d like sent out) and let me know it is for the James group!  🙂

See you on soon!  🙂