For the most part, people can be divided into categories; male/female, Americans/ Europeans, tall/ short, rich/ poor, etc.. There are extreme lines of delineation between the two categories. When it comes to theology, this doesn’t hold true. People cannot be divided into theologians and non-theologians; WE ARE ALL THEOLOGIANS. One way or another, everybody is seeking to identify who god is in his or her life. Everybody is in search of God, everybody.

Some will come to the conclusion that the God of the Bible exists. Some will conclude that their god is pantheism, meaning that god is in everything, trees, water, air, man, and animals. Still some will come to the conclusion that they themselves are their own god. And finally, some will come to the understanding that there is no god to be found, atheism. Still, every one of these people has undertaken the challenge to study god; they are all theologians. Even if their study is only to attempt to prove that He doesn’t exist. And even if they conclude that no god truly exists, by default, they have concluded that they themselves are their own gods, that they live to serve themselves, that they themselves are their own authority.

I truly respect anyone who has earnestly gone to the effort of searching out his or her beliefs in God, even if they arrive at a belief system that is different form mine. The worst thing an individual can do is not seek out their understanding of God. Complacency, contentment, indifference are a poison that keeps many from searching out God. Isn’t it interesting how people suddenly get interested in God, in praying to God when adversity strikes, and then when the crisis is over they revert to complacency and indifference? Everybody cries out to God in the midst of a battle. There are no atheists in foxholes.

The true goal of theology is to understand the highest authority there is, that something greater than ourselves is in control, and decide how we will submit to that authority, how we will serve that god. For me the logical choice is to believe in the God of the Bible, in His Son Jesus Christ. This worldview accounts for all things pertinent to life. Our beginning- Creation. Our purpose- to glorify God. Our future- eternity with God.

My encouragement is for everyone to earnestly seek Him while He may be found. As the commercial says, “life happens fast.” Don’t wait until you are at the end of your life to seek out God. Make no mistake; right now you have a “god” in your life. Take it seriously, and be sure that the god you serve is able to take care of you throughout eternity. Whether you like it or not, you are a theologian.

P.S. The Bible is a great place to start.

Choose this day whom you will serve. (Joshua 24:14)